At Stratford Dental we strive to provide comprehensive, safe, and comfortable services. We want your experience at our office to be a pleasant one.  

Each heading gives you a detailed explanation of the services we provide.

Routine dental examinations are an integral part of an individualís overall health. Only a dentist can diagnose issues involving your teeth and gums.

Scaling is the physical removal of the plaque and hardened debris on the teeth and under the gums. It is a key part in the maintainance of oral health.

As part of your dental cleaning at our office, your teeth are polished to give a shiny, whiter smile prior to you leaving.

Fillings are necessary when a tooth has a cavity (decay). A conservative preparation cleans the decay out. White or silver material then fills the hole.

Bonding can provide esthetic results for closing spaces between front teeth, covering discoloured teeth, repairing broken / chipped teeth, and more.

Crowns (caps) are placed over teeth for strength. They are used when teeth are broken, have large fillings, are root canal treated and/or for appearance.

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are cemented to the outer surfaces of teeth to cover up imperfections in enamel.

A deep cavity, a large filling or a fractured tooth exposing the nerve can trigger pain. A root canal will solve this problem.

Dental Implants replace mising teeth. A small titanium screw is placed in the jaw bone and a crown is screwed or cemented on top of that titanium screw.

A Fixed Bridge is another alternative to replace missing teeth. A bridge is permanently cemented to the teeth on either side of the space to be filled.

Dentures are an affordable prosthesis that is inserted / removed as desired. Two different denture types exist: Acrylic Dentures and Cast Partial Dentures.

Not every patient's jaw will accommodate the full eruption of wisdom teeth. It is beneficial to be proactive in removing certain wisdom teeth.

An acrylic night guard can be fabricated to protect the teeth from clenching or grinding. The night guard is worn on either the top or bottom arch.

A custom-fitted guard should be worn by all athetes playing any contact or racquet sport. Sports guards protect the teeth and help prevent concussions.

Teeth whitening is a safe, non-toxic, effective way to brighten your smile. Our office provides a teeth whitening program to achieve results.

Dr. Gino Gizzarelli, a certified Dental Anaesthesiologist, visits our office to provide I.V. Sedation and General Anaesthesia to patients of all ages.