New Patients

Every adult patient (Age 18+) that joins our office will have a Complete Oral Exam (COE). A COE is a comprehensive exam of all hard and soft tissues in your mouth, including your "jaw joint" (temporamandibular joint -TMJ). The COE is the most important appointment you will have at our office.

Below is an itemized list of what is involved in a COE:
  1. Thorough review of Medical and Dental History (see Documents below to print off a Medical and Dental History form prior to attending the office)
  2. Head and Neck Exam, Oral Cancer Screening and evaluation of your jaw joints.
  3. Complete periodontal charting of your gums and bone levels to establish a "picture" of your mouth in the computer. Any areas of receding gums will also be recorded.
  4. Complete evaluation of your teeth, looking for cavities, infection and to determine if any existing fillings require repair or replacement.
  5. We will review all x-rays provided by your previous dentist, and take new x-rays when necessary to detect disease and/or decay under the gums or between the teeth.
  6. A personal treatment plan itemizing any work required including a subsequent appointment for your teeth to be cleaned.

Note: Some new patients require a couple of subsequent cleaning appointments to "get caught up" if dental cleanings have not been routine in the past.

Please click, print, and fill out our Medical History, Dental History and Office Policies forms listed under Documents prior to your initial appointment. This will save immense time. Each patient is required to sign the Medical and Dental History forms as well as the Office Policies form.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Please call the office at 519-273-0580 to schedule an appointment today.


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Why is it important that I keep my appointments?

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