Cleaning (Scaling)

Poor oral hygiene as a result of inadequate brushing and/or flossing results in the accumulation of plaque around the gumline and in between the teeth. Plaque is comprised of multiple species of bacteria that can eventually harden creating calculus (also known as tartar). Once hardened into calculus, your toothbrush or floss cannot remove it.

Calculus below the gumline and in between the teeth triggers an inflammatory response that initially causes inflammation of the gums known as gingivitis (ie. redness and bleeding). If the calculus is not removed, the inflammation in the gums progresses to the supporting bone around the teeth. This condition is referred to as periodontal disease. When this supportive bone is lost, the teeth become loose and unfortunately fall out and/or are removed prematurely.

Dental hygienists at our office are highly skilled and trained to use special instruments to detect and remove the harmful plaque and calculus found in patientís mouths. Without damaging the teeth, these instruments scrape the sides of the teeth and root surfaces to remove the harmful debris. Depending on the amount of plaque or calculus present, mechanical instruments may be utilized. These instruments use high-pressure water to aid in the debridement.

Teeth cleaning is a conservative way to maintain your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Literature suggests that the health of gums and bone in your mouth has a direct correlation to a decrease in cardiovascular (heart) disease.

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